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Crush! Yiff! Destroy!
Author(s) Owners: Mitch
  • Site Founder: Mitch
  • Administrators: ?
Status Offline
Launch date 2002
End date 31 March 2010
Genre Critic forum
Site is not yet Rated.
Rankin the Raccoon. Art by Donotsue.

Crush! Yiff! Destroy!, also known as CYD, was a website with an associated forum which is frequented by furs, ex-furs, nonfurs, and anti-furries alike. Its guiding principle is the uninhibited discussion and poking of fun at what its members see as excesses and/or vices of the furry fandom. Its mascot was Rankin the raccoon.

The site's name is a parody of the phrase "Crush, kill, destroy" uttered by the android IDAK in an episode of Lost In Space. [1]

Mission and content[edit]

The founding concept of CYD was the exercise of freedom of speech among like-minded individuals who shared a sense of exasperation at the fandom's more bizarre aspects.

Media content[edit]

Favorite front-page topics at CYD included the political antics of the webmasters of popular furry sites, stories and fanfiction, online drama and overreaction, furry spirituality and fursuits.

CYD also provided an extensive collection of documents valuable to those researching early fandom history. Some of these aren't available elsewhere. Also included is an extensive collection of links to other furry websites, the majority of which are favorable to the fandom.

Imagery and other types of multimedia pros or cons about the fandom could at one time be found to be hosted in situ, such as Jonn Wood's How To Be a Furry.


The CYD forums were often considered the heart of CYD by those trying to characterize it. This caused trouble in the past, as evidence for almost any agenda can be found by selectively filtering posts.

The forum members were an eclectic mix of active furries, vehement anti-furries, and nonfurs. While some were hostile to outside furs, a number of furry artists and fans gained acceptance there and were active members. As a result, the nature of forum threads and posts varies wildly.

Topics are a selection of furry and non-furry discussions, usually focusing on the absurd or silly behavior of the subjects. Moderators tended to keep their hands off the user threads while nudging the forums to better quality by locking threads and banishing users considered too childish to post. Threads are locked when deemed too offensive, too irrelevant, or simply too mindless and anti-furry - most thread lockings occur after participants become too worked up, i.e. "taking the Internet too seriously."

Advocating and/or committing vandalism against furry online resources or harassing furs was explicitly forbidden by the site's owner, who had banned people for this.


CYD had often been accused of being an offshoot of Portal of Evil or Something Awful, but it had no ties or affiliations with either of these sites and indeed has been labeled a "furry site" by them. This idea may have arisen because a few of CYD's forum members are also members of these sites; unlike them, a high percentage of CYD's members are openly active in the fandom.

The End[edit]


On April 1st, 2010, Vivisector claimed to have acquired all of CYD's assets (logos, nomenclature, user lists, databases, and associated content) through "a deal with Mitch".

The claim was in fact part of an improvised April Fool's prank, and as part of this hoax, Mitch redirected all CYD traffic to Vivisector. Mitch then decided that this would be an opportune moment to lay to rest the long-ailing CYD, and did so, deciding that he would keep up the hoax if anyone asked him. However, nobody ever did.


  1. Lost In Space: Revolt of the Androids

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