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CrossRoads MUCK was a precursor to FurryMUCK, which opened in 1990.

Crossroads MUCK was a multi-theme MUCK with a number of different role-playing settings, including an Alaskan Realm (based on the film Balto) and a New York Realm based on the film Oliver and Company. It previously had realms based on The Lion King, the Amazon rainforest, the Outback, and the Rocky Mountains. The Alaskan realm was the most popular, and the only one that lasted the entirety of the MUCK's life. It was due to a lack of players that the wizards had the MUCK shut down.




  • Kasch
  • Kawe - Programming
  • Sanjay - Species - Names - Newbies - Roleplay
  • Wraith - Former Head Wizard

Former staff members[edit]

  • Kialio - Head Wizard (Name changed several times, including Verushka, Andante, Xerxes, and Wraith.)
  • Altair/Seekoo
  • Alyssa
  • Natasha
  • Ninebirds
  • Sedidi
  • Solstice
  • Subiani


  • Ayett - Female Wolf
  • Ayita - Female Siberian Husky (Alaska)
  • Bakari
  • Blake - Male Human
  • Carlotta
  • Chovexani - Female Cat (New York)
  • Cicero - Female Ocelot (Amazon)
  • Emily
  • Etcetera - Female Calico Cat (Alaska/New York)
  • Innoko - Female Wolf (Beta of N'queum pack)
  • Jovah
  • Napoleon
  • Natasha
  • Nemesis - Female Wolf (Alpha of the Kobuk pack)
  • Nikita
  • River
  • Salem
  • Sauda - Lioness
  • Selina - Female Human (New York)
  • Subiani
  • Tesek
  • Victoria - Female Human (Alaska)
  • Xerxes


Groups included the Kobuk Wolf Pack, the N'queum Wolf Pack which moved from Yukon Trails muck, sled teams, and New York animal gangs.