Crossed Claws

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Crossed Claws
Author(s) geckoZen
Update schedule  ?
Launch date December 31, 2013
End Date Continuing
Genre  ?
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Crossed Claws is a webcomic by geckoZen. It is about a group of animals (mainly rabbits) living in a community known as the Hollow.[1]


Rabbit siblings Ria and Dewey are coming home from the market when Jered, the local Doomsayer, starts screaming about seeing cats out in the field.[1] Writing it off as just the ravings of a madman, Dewey brushes it off, but Ria is not entirely convinced. That night, she sneaks out into the field to see if cats really have returned.

It turns out there is some truth to Jered's raving, except Sandy, the cat in the fields, is the sweetest and kindest creature Ria has ever met. They spend the night playing out in the fields, but during a game of hide and seek, Ria sees some unsettling things that cause her to question her new friend.


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