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Cross Hyparu (born May 4th, 1990) is a pilot and automotive enthusiast with a blue fennec fox fursona. Cross is originally from Holbrook, New York but relocated to Mooresville, North Carolina during the spring of 2017. He is active with the Long Island Furs in New York and the Charlotte Area Furs in North Carolina.


Cross is a blue fennec fox with black bands around his thighs and forearms, a black circle around his right eye, black paws and ears, and a white STi emblem on the band around his left thigh. The design of Cross originated from the Subaru Crosstrek he owns; bearing the same Hyper Blue color of the car. His surname was originally Terminals as a spoof from a mechanical failure his car suffered after inadvertently dropping a 1/4inch socket wrench onto the terminals of the battery, allegedly damaging the vehicle's ECM. The surname was changed to Hyparu a few months later; merging Hyper Blue Subaru into a single word. Cross is generally very high strung and fearless.

Cross is a racing pilot and an open-wheel racing driver for M3Y Motorsports, which he owns.

The Car[edit]

Cross's design is mimicked from the 2016 Subaru Crosstrek he owns. The vehicle is a Japan-built 5-speed crossover outfitted with the STi sport package which includes 17 inch STi branded wheel, STi branded spoiler, and an STi branded shift knob. Cross has since installed a muffler-delete exhaust, smoked aftermarket tail lights, and used several coatings of plast-dip paint to black-out the chrome trim which he says makes the car "aesthetically pleasing." Before moving to North Carolina he intended to begin an off-road racing styled build for the vehicle.

Convention Attendance[edit]