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Croc's fursuits: Croc, Camper, Avery, Prowl and Blooper

Croc, also known as AudioDile (born February 7, 1973), is a fursuiter and a DJ who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, USA, with his partner, Yippee Coyote.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Croc is a founding member of Critters by the Bay. He has been involved in furry fandom since 1994, and has led several convention panels on fursuit performance. He was the Fursuit Guest of Honor at Rainfurrest 2014.[1]

Fursuit characters[edit]

Croc has owned and performed in many fursuits and costumes:

  • Croc O'Dile is a toony alligator, partly inspired by Albert the Alligator, the University of Florida Gators mascot. Croc first appeared in 1997 as an off-the-shelf alligator mascot from Mask US. In 2010, an updated version was commissioned from Mixed Candy. Croc is a simple creature: curious, fun-loving and well intentioned.
  • Avery is a grey timberwolf who debuted at Mephit Furmeet 2000, originally built by WhiteyFawks before he founded Arend Studios. Arend rebuilt Avery in 2006, while Tsuyoto acquired the previous version and renamed him Trapper. Avery was in the Sofawolf Press Fursuit Calendar for February 2007. Avery is confident, playful, loyal and even somewhat paternal.
  • Blooper is a blue toony fox with black paws. He was originally a partial built by Shawn Keller and TopFox in 1993, simply named The Blue Fox. Croc acquired him in 1999 and rechristened him Blooper. Yippee rebuilt Blooper as a full suit in 2003. A third version was built by Yippee Coyote and JD Puppy in 2008. Blooper is the younger brother of Camper, comes from an urban background and loves video games, hip-hop/EDM and the latest technology.
  • Camper is an orange toony fox with brown paws, and is the brother of Blooper. He was originally built by Shawn Keller, with an all-orange fur and a head of hair. Croc acquired him in 2003 and Yippee retrofit him, added brown paws and resized him using leftover orange fur. A second version was built by Yippee in 2011. Camper was in the Sofawolf Press Fursuit Calendar for August 2007. Camper is the older brother of Blooper, was raised in the country and therefore prefers sports, camping, hiking, fishing and nature.
  • Prowl is an orange tiger partial suit built by Kiwihunter and acquired in 2010. Prowl usually speaks with an imitation of a British accent and fancies himself a ladies' tiger, often trying to impress through comments or dress.


Croc grew up in a household where music was frequently playing. He had a prized collection of 45rpm vinyl singles at five, was mixing mixtapes at ten, and began playing the keyboard and drums at thirteen. The early '80s saw him develop a huge interest in remixes and, by age twenty, he had acquired over 500 12" singles. As of April, 2015, he owns over 2500 CDs.

Artist and DJ[edit]

All of Croc's musical endeavors are done under the alias AudioDile. He began making dance-pop song demos in the early '90s and expanded to remixes and mashups in 2000, many of which may be found on his AudioDile website. In 2013, he collaborated with Polite Fiction for the track "Get Chemical".

As a DJ, he has played at every Further Confusion to date as well as Anthrocon, Midwest FurFest, Eurofurence, Megaplex, RainFurrest, Biggest Little Fur Con, and regularly at the monthly Frolic dance in San Francisco. His preferred genres are house, electro, nu-disco, progressive, complextro and French house. He is also part of the DJ collective Fur The Record.

Video appearances[edit]

Bros and Cons, a music video directed by Codex
Blooper vs Camper drum battle from FNL 2009
Blue Fox Group from FNL 2007
Blooper Drum Solo


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