Crisis on Doona

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Crisis on Doona is a science-fiction novel by Anne McCaffrey and Jody Lynn Nye. It is the sequel to Anne McCaffrey's earlier Decision at Doona.

At the end of the original book the Colonists and the Hurrubans agree on a 25 year test of cohabitation after which a full treaty would be signed. It was also agreed that no more colonists would be sent from either planet after a balance of species has been met. So not the eyes of both worlds are on Doona as an experiment for peaceful cohabitation.

However both on Earth and on the Hurrban home world there are factions who would like nothing better than for the colony to fail and both Hurrbans and Humans to ignore each other in space. Also when each of these factions find out about the other - working towards a common goal i.e. ending the colony they decide to work together on this.

Can the colonists and their spokespeople survive the ensuring blackmail, framing, slander and even worse to present their case that the colony should survive and prosper. If they lose then a return to overcrowded Earth is the least of their problems.

Treaty Planet, also written by Anne McCaffrey and Jody Lynn Nye, completes the Doona trilogy.

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