Crinkle Corner

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Crinkle Corner
Cub Social Network
Author(s) Previous Owner: Darkmane Arweinydd
Status Offline
Slogan "Home of the crinkles!"
Launch date October 30, 2016
End date January 30, 2017
Genre social networking

Crinkle Corner is a furry social networking site built for the babyfur, diaperfur and kidfur community. It also welcomes caretakers and helps babyfurs in the community find "parents" or caretakers.

Features and content[edit]

Crinkle Corner is based on social networking software, and so its most notable primary features were similar to mainstream social networking sites, such as the ability to post and comment on status updates, photos, links, as well as friendships, groups, forums, and polls. The site also allows users to file abuse reports which are reviewed by administrators.

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