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Redtail Flare's character sheet.

Redtail Flare (also known as Red-Tail3492) is an artist who lives in New Zealand.

His fursona species is a huskyfox (husky-fox hybrid) which is shown by his husky tail and fox-like coloration. He is often found wearing a dark blue and white-striped hoodie, and long black jeans.

Redtail is an amateur photographer, Primary scenery opposed to urban/abstract photography.

Crimson Star[edit]

Crimson Star is a story produced by Redtail Flare; started in 2007 and completed in 2008. The story is set on a planet named Terra, which is inhabited and dominated by animals; both Feral(Neo-Dectra) and Anthro(Sen-Dectra). The story is fantasy-based, covering magic and medieval-based weaponry and posted in chapters on Redtail's Fur Affinity page.


Wisps are the life force of a body also a power source used by the Ortina. The Ortina use the power of the wisp to stay alive; albeit in a spirtual state.


The Ortina (or Gods) were the few who were gifted with the power to control the elements during the age of darkness. They were gifted with first being able to change their shape from the form of a wisp into a full body in shape of four-legged animals, and cloned themselves leaving lifeless bodies which the wisps made their host and therefore the creating life. The anthros were created when the Ortina decided that they could use their powers much better in a different form, and therefore changed their shape to behold two arms and legs. They changed the shape of many of the other animals to take on the same shape as them. The fall of the Ortina was caused by an uprising from those who were refused the glory of changing shape and thus the Ferals plotted an uprising and overthrew the Ortina.


Ice is the liquid that ran through the veins of the Ortina. When the Ortina were killed the milky blue-coloured fluid would send out a scent that could be smelt only by the wisps. The wisps would flood there in large swarms and would be crystallised eternally once they came in contact with it. The Crystal they formed would work as a beacon to the deceased Ortina’s power.


The clans are based of the six main elements; Light, Shadow, Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. Each clan takes practice in learning control, and heed the law of the Ortina of the corresponding element.


Rhyan Arc: A demon hybrid artic fox whose age remains unknown, but he appears around his teens. He wields two large swords in a reverse fashion. Rhyan originates from the Shadow clan. During the war between the Water clan and the Shadow Clan, Rhyan turned against his own clan after he felt he was fighting for the wrong cause. He was struck down by his own clan and left to die but was rescued by Felix and brought into his village and nursed back to health.

Felix Darhil: A dark and light blue furred raccon aged Fifteen and a proud member of the water clan who wields a steel armoured claw. Felix left his village because they never accepted nor trusted Rhyan as one of their own and so he and Rhyan freely roam around together but never stray too far from cities when possible.

Spike Typhoon: A teenage Red Panda from the Earth Clan. Who wields a short sword called Kai, given to him after passing the 'Tatics Trial Seven - Weapon Skills. Spike lives in a small forest town with a few of his friends. He left his family to train himself as they disapproved greatly of his ambition to become a sword fighter. His quick wit and speed always seem to get him out of tight situations.

Solar Ika: A Lancer Otter who wields a large spear. Solar comes from the Fire Clan, although he was exiled for the murder of his father which he was framed for. After his exile he joined a band of Rebels outside the desert city and he was taught how to fight, steal and trick his enemies. However, the camp was raided by members of the Water clan in search of him.

Scope Tanaka And Radar Tanaka: Scope is a ginger and white-furred cat, where as Radar is a black and white-furred cat. They have identical markings and are also twin brothers. They are both members of the Wind clan and skilled in hand-to-hand combat, as in their village weaponry was rarely used. They live in the mountains a few miles from their birth place. Their parents were killed by an invasion on their town at the age of fourteen. They rely on each other in order to survive and fear being separated.

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