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This is about furry in Arizona. For the similarly-named fursuiter in Washington, see Sir Crimson Fox.

Crimson Fox is a furry living in the Tucson area in Arizona, USA. He is a North American red fox (Vulpes vulpes). His fursona goes by the name Crimson Fox due to his dark red coat, though his name is Reynard Giovanni Loustaunau (human name, Pedro Loustaunau).

Reynard currently sells furry clothing by commission in partnership with another furcrafter Kandy. He is hoping to begin airbrush modifications for more advanced furry patterns and coloration.

In addition to furcrafting, Reynard is the Head of Council for the Furizona meetings. He helps plan the furmeets with the help of the Furizona Council. Contact Reynard, or any member of the Furizona Council, if you wish to attend a Furizona furmeet.

Reynard enjoys drawing, though he's not very good at it, and enjoys playing airsoft though games are hard to come across in the Tucson area. He is working on writing a novel starring anthropomorphic characters and will likely finish in 2009.[needs update]

Further information is available on his Wikifur user page.

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