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This is about the wolf furry from Virginia Tech. Other Crimsons are: Crimson Beast, Crimson Fox, Crimson Furrquisition, Crimson Mist, Crimson Star, Crimson Whitepaw, and two Crimson Wolfs,

Crimson (born September 12, 1985) is a senior Mathematics (Applied Discrete Mathematics Option) major at Virginia Tech, and a grey wolf.

Local activities[edit]

Crimson was con chair for Technicon 24 (30 March 2007 - 01 April 2007), and has been a member of SOAP since the latter half of his freshman year, serving as the necessary 'third officer' (after President and Treasurer) to achieve Registered Student Organization status for the organization, in addition to being its webmaster. He also served as Treasurer for VTSFFC, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Club at Virginia Tech, during the 2006 - 2007 school year.

Online presence[edit]

Crimson has been on FurryMUCK since August 2000, and has maintained a fairly steady level of activity, first under the moniker Crimson_Fang, and later (and now) as simply Crimson, at all times a grey wolf.


He currently attends two furry conventions, Anthrocon and MFF. While he works with Neofelis Communications at Anthrocon, as part of the video staff, he does not work at MFF. When working, he tends to dress in a t-shirt and fatigue trousers, the latter generally bloused over a pair of combat boots. When not working at cons, he tends to dress in a black Original Utilikilt and t-shirt.