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Crikey Duck! -

Crikey Duck is a page-per-fortnight webcomic written by Australian animator Tania Walker, with art by Victoria Eden and Tania Walker. Though the three lead characters are ducks, the comic features anthropomorphic characters of many varieties, including a heaping helping of Australian wildlife. It contains some adult themes.

The webcomic started up in early 2005. There are plans for the release of a yearly printed collection,and was independently selected by the National Library of Australia for permanent archival in July of 2005. Unfortunately the comic has been on hiatus ever since the people the characters were based upon moved away from their shared accommodation.

Ranger Stormwing, Darrell Evenfeather and Zakiya deSilver are on the run from a very angry Mafia boss, who also happens to be Zakiya's father. Perhaps deSilver Senior is unamused by the fact that his only daughter faked her own kidnapping with the aid of two no-good, low-down con artists. Perhaps he's mad because that same pair of disreputable frauds managed to infiltrate his organisation right under his nose. Or maybe it's the loss of twenty million dollars that's got his tailfeathers in a ruffle.

Regardless, our three anti-heroes are forced to flee the country and lie low in an Australian share house populated by freaks, geeks, and peculiar marsupials. Their current con is simple: convince everyone around them that they're completely and utterly normal, don't get sucked too far into the strangeness that is share-housing in Australia, don't touch the money, and try not to strangle one another.


The partner of Australian artist Tania Walker and entirely non-furry, Robbie is quite bewildered about this whole 'furry' thing, but continues to welcome a large group of them into his home every Thursday night.

Thanks to Tania, he is also a recurring character in the webcomic Crikey Duck!, where he is depicted as a kangaroo.

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