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Creatures is a term used in DMFA to refer to several various inherently magical races that differ for the most part from normal mortals, known as Beings. The current known count of Creature races includes Angels, Demons, Cubi, Mer, Mythos, Undead, Dragons, Insectis, and Phoenix.

The Creature Races[edit]

The Angel race is a race that some rumor to be the physical representation of light magic, given that the dark magic oriented Demon race also appeared at the same time. Valuing power over anything else, they take varying methods of aquiring it, though usually through subtle manipulation and planning.
The Demon race is the mirror image to the Angel race, rumored to be the magical representation of dark magic created from the same event that forged the Angels as representations of light magic. They tend to try to obtain power any way they can by direct means, and see it as a distinction of a Being or Creature's worth.
The Dragon race does not have much known about them, though they have been observed to range in size from smaller than an ordinary adult being to larger than some buildings. They also tend to possess varying degrees of intelligence, though all tend to regard treasure in high regard.
Composed of the female succubi and male incubi, the cubi race is often the source of jokes about the Demon and Angel races getting along a little TOO well. Possesing two pairs of wings(one on the back and one on the head), Cubi are very distinctive when they aren't disguising themselves, are highly capable shapeshifters, and feed on the emotions radiating off of other Creatures and Beings.
One of the oldest and most powerful races, the Fae are also possibly the most in touch with natural magic of any of the races of Creatures or Beings. This makes them extremely powerful, but also a bit eccentric. Known for taking on roles, Fae will always "play by the rules" of what their current role is. They are also the most friendly with Beings of any of the Creature races.
A collective term for a group of hundreds of races that have united under a single species banner, the Mythos are possibly the most varied amongst the Creature races, as there may be hundreds of individual types of Mythos, with nearly every conceivable attribute possibly varying between them. Most tend to be powerful magic users, which is possibly the one major common attribute amongst the various sub-groups within the Mythos race.
A race of aquatic creatures, Mer are very mysterious as few have ever seen their underwater kingdoms and even fewer have returned to tell about it. They are a curious race that have just recently begun to interact with land-based species, and are one of two races that have joined the Creature Council but were not part of the founding group.
A race of underground insects, the Insectis are ruled by their Queen and generally tend to leave the surface world alone in its entirety. However, they jealously guard what they perceive as their territory and the punishments for tresspassing are dire. They maintain a friendly relationship with the Mer, as neither race's domain intrudes on the others.
A Creature race about which little is known, Weres have not been seen much in DMFA at present.
The Phoenix race is fairly evenly divided down the middle between two kinds: the fiery flaming phoenix of which most Beings are familiar and the less noticeable avian phoenix who could pass for normal Beings. The two sides of the race are friendly with one another, though only the fiery Phoenix have a representative on the Creature Council, due to the avian Phoenix rejecting membership on it.

The Creature Council[edit]

A council intended to help ease Creature/Being relations, the council itself is not held in high regard by most Beings. While cases of Creature indiscretion are all handled through legal terms, the Creatures in question are judged by a board of their fellow Creatures who may be less sympathetic to Beings' concerns. This has led to the rise of many adventurers for hire to correct the seeming inadequacies of the system.

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