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The 1 April, 2005 edition of Successful Meetings (a trade publication directed at the conferencing industry), featured an article by Sara J. Welch entitled 'Creature Feature'. Welch spoke to Further Confusion founder Lee Strom, who gives a brief explanation of furry fandom. The article is mainly from a business perspective, discussing Strom's financial success at Further Confusion 2004. For example, the $32,000 profit from a $50,000 budget, along with the $38,000 raised over the history of the convention for various charities:

"...Strom's efforts paid off: That year, FurCon turned a profit, something quite rare in the volunteer, fan-based convention world. The following year, the get-together earned $32,000 on a budget of just $50,000 (at presstime, more recent figures were not available). "We're the first anthropomorphic convention to go from losing money to making money," boasts Strom."[1]


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