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KMunashii, also known as Kirara Munashi'i and CrazyHyenaGirl (born in 1987 in Nicaragua), is a female furry artist who lives in Miami, Florida, USA.


  • Kirara has been a furry all of her life, but officially since 1994 when she discovered a community presence on the internet.
  • She has been to Anthrocon four times (2006-2009).
  • She is fluent in English and Spanish (Spanish being her native tongue).
  • She is a LaVeyan Satanist and Shintoist.
  • She is a little (cubfur).
  • She currently works from home as a freelance computer technician and system engineer.

Kirara's Background[edit]

Kirara did a few doodles in her time. She also loves to mold things with clay (but never posted any of her clay work anywhere). She used to draw on a daily basis when she was in Middle School through High School but has stopped drawing almost all-together since then, with a few exceptions here and there. Mainly due to stress and lack of inspiration/motivation. When she draws, she prefers to use traditional media (paper, pen, and pencil) which she then scans, re-inks and colours digitally on Photoshop. She has started pickup up drawing again in 2015, mostly digital art with her Wacom tablet and Paint Tool SAI, but has not publicly posted her work.

She also has a passion for music, especially the electronic kind. She used to DJ on her own Internet radio station back in 2003-2005 and used to DJ by the name of DJ F├╝chsin on Second Life (with the account name: Kirara Kawashima). The style of music she enjoys playing is the following (but not limited to): industrial electronica, synthpop, psychedelic trance, electro swing, industrial goth, industrial nu-metal, dark ambient, experimental, and darkwave.

She also has a passion for writing but she has not posted her work, an even bigger passion for driving, collects stuffed animals and has an affinity for foxes (particularly Eastern fox spirits), hyenas, and opossums.

Names she has been known by: Kirara, Mica, Fritzi, Mishka, & Salem.

Fursonas she has used: demon, kitsune/fox, hyena, & opossum.

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