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Craziux, also known as Chronowolf, is a Norwegian furry artist, fursuiter, designer, 3D modeler, and game-developer.

Fandom involvement[edit]


Craziux's fursona is a black and white wolf with a time-stuck red scar on their left cheek. They also usually wear a pocket watch around their neck. Chronowolf created their fursona back in 2010. They started using the name Craziux more around 2014.


Craziux created their first fursuit themselves in 2011 and ordered a suit as a commission from Don't Hug Cacti in 2012, where they then attended Eurofurence the same year.


Craziux is best known for his film sketches, but they also do 3D modeling. They created more and more content up until around 2015, then took a few year's breaks before getting back at it again.

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