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Craig Black, also known as Feige Roman and ToastedAlmond98 (born 20 August 1998 in Cupar in Fife County, Scotland), is a writer and worldbuilder, known for writing concepts for storylines and characters.


Craig had a concept for a series of fan fiction based on The Space Gypsy Adventures.

When he was hit with a cease-and-desist letter from the production company, at that time, he was writing a story centred around a character that he created, Jaws MacTaggart. He redeveloped the concept into what would become Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart.

After finishing his story, he now gives creative insight to fellow creative people. Notably, he is a creative contributor to The Dynamite Twins and Friends and Fae of Avalon.

Notable characters[edit]

  • Jaws MacTaggart - One of the first characters he created, and the lead character in the MacTaggart story.
  • Blackmask - Created for MacTaggart, arguably the most popular character, mainly due to Jordann Edwards' interpretation, which resulted in her appearing in TDT (which is akin to Zig Zag's appearance in Sabrina Online)

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