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The Cóyotl Awards is an annual award for "excellence in anthropomorphic literature", run by the Furry Writers' Guild since 2012. Winners are announced at a ceremony held during at RainFurrest (2012,[1] 2014, and 2015) until moving to Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2016[2] because "Our usual location for the awards ceremony is no longer available".[3]


Guild members are eligible to nominate works in four categories (short stories, novellas, novels, and anthologies). Comics and graphic novels may also be eligible, based on word count. Membership in the guild is not required for a work to be nominated. Self-published works are eligible. Members may not nominate work with which they have a monetary, editorial, or domestic interest. The top four works nominated in each category, and any tying with them, are then presented to Guild members for the final vote.

The award is presided over by the Cóyotl Awards Chair, who has the authority to interpret the rules and determine the eligibility of a work, including "questionable works".


2011 winners[edit]

Winners were announced at a ceremony at RainFurrest 2012.[1] In the Award's first year, General Short Story had five nominees due to a tie; Mature Short Story and Mature Novel also had a full slate of nominees.[1] Conversely, Mature Novella had only one nominee - which won by default - and General Novella and General Novel just two each.[4] (Note: In some announcements, the 2011 Awards were referred to as the 2012 Awards, as they were awarded in 2012. It was later decided that the year should indicate year of release of the works in question, and the original 2012 awards were retroactively re-designated the 2011 awards).

2012 winners[edit]

There was no effort made to select Cóyotl Awards during 2013, but when discussion of them resumed in 2014, it was decided to nominate and vote on winners from among works released in 2012. The consensus of the guild was to drop the General and Mature as separate categories.[5]

2013 winners[edit]

The 2013 winners were chosen only a few weeks after the 2012 winners. The Best Anthology category was added.[6] A double ceremony for the 2012 and 2013 Awards was held at RainFurrest 2014.[7]

2014 awards[edit]

The 2014 ceremony was held at RainFurrest 2015.[8]

2015 awards[9][edit]

The 2015 awards took place at RMFC 2016[2]

Call for nominees was announced on 2016 February 21, with nominations closing at end of March.[3] Voting runs until August 15, 2015.[clarify]

2016 awards[10][edit]

The 2016 awards took place at Furlandia 2017.

2017 awards[11][edit]

The 2017 awards were announced at Furlandia 2018.

2018 awards[12][edit]

The 2018 awards were announced at Furlandia 2019.


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