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Coyo, also known as Coyotama (real name Alex John Maurin;[1] born 13 November[1] 1987),[2] is an bipolar, amateur musician, writer, and hacker who previously lived in Bedford, Texas, USA.


Coyo loves biochemistry, finance, and computer science. He loves caramel ice cream, blueberry scones, and virgin egg nog.


Coyo's character is a green on black demon coyote, or Lorako.

Convention attendance[edit]


Maurin was arrested in California on September 12, 2018, with the charges 288.4(B) - Arranging a Meeting with a Child for Lewd Purposes.[3] The arresting agency was the Palmdale Sheriff in Los Angeles, California.

On February 1, 2019, He was sentenced to 1095 days in prison.[4] He was released on 02/13/2020 according to the Inmate Information Center[5]


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