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Cattle 1.jpg
Otis, a fictional anthropomorphic steer with an udder like a female in Barnyard.

Cattle refers to a domesticated species of large hoofed bovine mammals. A common error is to refer to all cattle as cows, but this is incorrect; male cattle are called bulls.

Cow is the term for female cattle (as well as females of several other species, such as some marine mammals). Cows usually have prominent pink breasts on their underbellies called udders.

Cattle are highly social animals, bonding to their herdmates (or, particularly if isolated, to human caregivers). They engage in social grooming and play.

Cattle and furry[edit]

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Cows are not often seen in the furry fandom except in some breast-themed artwork. However, there are several popular cattle characters that can be of interest to furries, most notably the Minotaur of Greek mythology and the Tauren species from World of Warcraft.

When depicted in furry art, cows usually have large breasts, sometimes with multiple nipples, in accordance with their possession of udders.

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