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Cougar Leon's new appearence.

Cougar Leon is a Canadian amateur artist and writer, and the creator of House of The Cat (formally The House of The Cat and The House of The Cat: GENERATIONS).

Being a fan of comics and Manga, he created his own in late 2004-early 2005 under the title of The Cat People, but changed the name after discovering a movie with the same title. He began posting it on Fur Affinity in late 2006.

The fursona he mainly uses is a Werecougar that is never seen in his human form.

The character[edit]

He was created in 2006. At the time he wore a green zip-up shirt with the numbers "42" (What later became his trademark) on the left side. He was characterized as being an average 17 year-old. A blue Nintendo DS (Classic model) was always at his right side and he had a side pack running down his left.

This changed when his father passed away on November 27, 2007.

Cougar Leon has since been characterized as never smiling and is normally angry all the time, he also suffers from extreme depression. His outfit includes a forest-green jacket, black jeans, and a black Canada T-shirt under the jacket. The best way to describe him is "Emotionally broken down", a farcry from his former "Happy-go-lucky" self.

Recently however, CL was drawn smiling (though still characterized with depression) and wearing a new outfit, consisting of a army green wool hat (With holes for his ears to come through), and a black jacket with purple and green stripes running down the sleves and zipper section (Based on a jacket and hat he actually owns).

Raichu Leon[edit]

Raichu Leon as of 2009.

He started off as a joke character in mid 2007.

Raichu Leon was an alternate version of his main fursona who, unlike the other versions of his character, was good enough to keep around. As of mid-2008, he was moved to full status and given his own FA account.

Raichu Leon is the only character that he created to be drawn fully naked.

Raichu Leon is characterized as being bisexual (65% Homosexual, 35% Hetrosexual), he's much more easy-going and less angry than his main fursona. He normally wears a purple jacket, dark-blue jeans and a Famicom T-shirt under the jacket. He also has an outfit based off the main male character's from Pokemon Platinum.

A version of Raichu Leon is planned to appear in House of The Cat, as Cougar Leon's slightly older cousin.

The House of The Cat[edit]

"The House of The Cat" was created in 2005 for an art class project.

The series has seen three failed versions, and a fourth was created with his fursona as the main character, it was retitled to "House of The Cat: Existence". After seven years, House of The Cat was finally cancelled on February 20th, 2013, without a single completed page produced.

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