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The Couch Tour (also known as the Tour de Couch), is a term originally coined (late 1970s/) by Southern California animators with ties to furry fandom [citation needed] to describe the practice of animation personnel staying with friends and/or fellow artists while traveling across the US continent in search of work.

The usage of the term grew to encompass furry artists and fans almost exclusively, used in force during the 1980s/1990s. It expanded in meaning to include furs traveling from their old lodgings to a new place of residence, as temporary lodging, or just as a simple multiple furry house vacation (a practice normally reserved to vacationing foreign furries visiting the US.) The guest (or guests) is normally given a spare room during his or her stay, air mattresses or a couch (from where the term takes its name from) being acceptable substitutes.


Although the Couch Tour is a friendly, helpful way to assist somebody by offering them temporary lodging, there have been accounts[citation needed] of people abusing the generosity of their hosts to the point of the hosts having to demand a person to leave, or physically having to vacate them. This is not to be confused with the simple notion of bad roommates.

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