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Corri Yammari, or just Corri, also known as Corri Dawodu on Second Life is an artist, babyfur, musician.[1]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Corri joined the furry fandom at the age of fourteen after seeing art by Jade Fox online. He is a frequent panelist at Anthrocon.[citation needed]

Corri is the owner and creator of "The Yammari Depot", a Second Life business that caters to babyfurs. He was an officer at Misfit Cubs, and an former administrator of Cub Conclave from 2008 to 2009, both babyfur sims.

Corri built his own sim named The Starlight Age, after a Cub Conclave leadership dispute with Raven Welesa.[clarify][citation needed] It was later merged with Rollar Voom's "Misfit Cubs" sim.

Convention attendance[edit]


Corri's art typically consists of pin up style shots, over sized badges and use of emotional symbolism.[clarify] He claims to be traditional artist rather then an illustrator due to his choice in mediums.[clarify] His style is influenced by classic Disney animated features such as Oliver & Company, Fox and the Hound and The Lion King.


Corri was banned from the babyfur social networking site FluffyWaddles following the upload of an inappropriate picture[clarify] making fun of a popular video game.[clarify][citation needed]


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