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Corgi Events, LLC, formerly Ponyville Bronies, LLC, is a convention management company originally formed in 2013, based out of Kenosha, Wisconsin.[1] The company organizes multiple furcons as well as several other non-furry conventions. Corgi Events' founder and CEO is Treble Vandoren.

Corgi Events currently runs 4 furcons each year, with others currently unannounced.

Corgi Events' logo since 2019


While working for fursuit maker Lemonbrat at furcons, Treble was brought into the furry community. Treble, already running Brony and anime conventions, had the idea to start operating furry conventions as well; the first AquatiFur was the result, initially on the basis that it would be interesting to run a furcon at a water park.[2] In 2017, the company's shift towards the furry community was reflected in the name being changed from Ponyville Bronies to Corgi Events.[1]

Business Model[edit]

Corgi Events departs from the norm of furcons in that not only does it manage multiple cons across different communities, but it is run on a for-profit model, with the idea being that it allows simpler company structure while also providing for compensation that lets upper management dedicate themselves to the cons as a part-time job.[2]

The company's convention management strategy is to create conventions in areas that had a convention that closed down but where there is still demand for one, or to create them in areas where the community has expressed interest in a convention but one has not been formed yet. The company receives many requests for conventions, which are taken into consideration before research is conducted on each possible convention's local community as part of staff recruitment; the bulk of each convention's staff is recruited from the local community to preserve a local feel for each.[2]

One noticeable feature of Corgi's unified management has been standardization, with standardized processes such as registration, dealer's den applications, staff applications, etc. across all of its conventions. Every convention also has shared expenses at the company level, which allows for less overhead and more money to be spent on convention activities.

Current Corgi Events Furcons[edit]


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