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Corgi (born March 20, 1980, in Seville, Andalusia, Spain) is a Spanish furry artist. His fursona is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi with golden and white fur, and which is basically a dog version of his real life self. Corgi and his fursona share the same hairdo and wear the same clothes.


Corgi started to draw in his childhood, but it was not until 2005 that he started to study Fine Arts at the University of Seville, in order to improve his style. He also studied traditional animation between the years 2006 and 2007, and he finished his art studies in the University of Southampton, in Winchester, UK.

Corgi has had several small publications in magazines, including an erotic comic in Heat magazine #7. He also works on a online comic strip, Canids, about the day-to-day experiences of a group of four dogs.


Corgi's gallery contains artwork in many different styles and employing a variety of techniques. Some pictures have a toony style, while others have been done in a more clasical style, in themes that can sometimes be sweet and cute, and sometimes suggestive or erotic. Corgi's pictures have a noticable predominance of anthropomorphic dogs, his favourite animals.

Corgi always starts his drawings on paper, preferring to draw with the col-erase pencils typical of animators. His favourite methods of colouring are watercolours (Windsor and Newton), colour pencils (Derwent Artists), and digital (Photoshop and Wacom Intuos).

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