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Corbin Busker Portrait

Corbin Busker (real name: Casey J. Buck, born Oct. 9th, 1988) is an artist from Minnesota, U.S.A. he has been involved in the furry community since late 2000, but only started contributing actively as an artist in 2006.


Corbin's work spans all media excluding dance and theater. His non-furry short films have earned him two national awards (L1 award from the NFAA and Gold Medal recipient from the Scholastic Art & Writing awards, both in '07), while his photography has garnered him similar attention on the national level.

Corbin's films have been in festivals spanning the United States and his other work has been shown in galleries around the Twin Cities area. Due to his present occupation (Bio-environmental Engineer for the United States Air Force), his current film projects have been put on hold, but a furry documentary and photography project is in the works.

In lieu of his cameras, he has instead satiated his artistic needs via drawing - mostly of his crow fursona, Corbin, though he does take on commissions - and music. His first album, "Beware!", was released in November 2008, while a second, "Hope Against Hope", was released in June 2009.

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