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Coontail's fursona, as drawn by Phantominus

Coontail, previously known as Mister Coontail, is a furry musician who lives in France. His fursona is a grey raccoon-tailed wolf. He joined the furry fandom in 2002, but had already fallen in love with anthropomorphic art a while before. He composes furry-themed, ambient pieces, that are regularly posted on his Fur Affinity gallery .

As a furry-themed composer[edit]

Coontail has been composing elemental/atmospheric furry themed music since January 2009.

He contributed to the second and third editions of the furryx60 project by Kurrel the Raven.

Some of his pieces were used as music breaks for the furry themed podcast Knotcast, and some as intros/outros for AsiaNeko's spotlights on Fur Affinity.

He participated to the Fappers project

Virtual communities[edit]

Coontail is on Second Life as MisterButters Juran, or on Furcadia as Mister Coontail.


In January 2012, Coontail created a website for furry musicians, called MuzzlE.

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