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Most conventions have at least two levels of membership for the average convention attendee. A basic membership typically provides an attendee with access to the convention, a badge, and a program book. A sponsorship includes a basic membership plus other benefits. The cost of a sponsorship is usually broken into three parts: the cost of the basic membership, the cost of any benefits, and a donation to the convention.

Some conventions offer multiple levels of sponsorship, with greater benefits (and a larger donation) accompanying each successive level. Sponsor benefits can include a t-shirt, prints from the guest of honor, or being invited to a special luncheon. The exact benefits depend on what level of sponsorship the attendee has purchased.


Sponsor benefits change from year to year for each convention, but the following is a snapshot of typical sponsor benefits at various furry conventions:

Anthrocon 2010[edit]

  • Sponsor ($90-$100 depending on timing): Sponsors-only registration area, front-rows seating, sponsor ribbon, convention T-shirt
  • Supersponsor ($190-$200 depending on timing): Sponsors-only registration area, front-rows seating, supersponsor ribbon, convention T-shirt, lunch with the Guests of Honor, and a "unique gift"

Confuzzled 2013[edit]

  • Sponsor (£50 extra): Early access to Dealer's den, Sponsor's buffet, Conbook, Conbook mention, T-shirt, stickers, window sticker, laser-engraved drinking tankard, sweets.

Califur 2010[edit]

  • Sponsor ($80): VIP lounge access, listing in the con book, T-shirt and tickets to the Ice Cream Social and Cabaret
  • Patron ($150): Sponsor features, plus a dinner ticket

Eurofurence 2010[edit]

  • Sponsor (€60 extra): souvenir gift package including T-shirt, differently colored name bage, listing in con book
  • Supersponsor (€120 extra): Sponsor features, plus reserved seating and access to "exclusive events."

FurFright 2010[edit]

  • Zombie Sponsor ($55): convention T-shirt, complimentary entry in charity raffle
  • FrankenSponsor ($90): convention T-shirt, complimentary entry in charity raffle, exclusive artwork portfolio, invitation to catered social event with dealers
  • Casanova FrankenSponsor ($200): FrankeSponsor features plus FurFright DVD, "special gift" and listing in con book

Furry Weekend Atlanta 2010[edit]

Prices exclude state tax

  • Sponsor ($90 pre-register/$100 at the door): sponsor mark on badge, convention T-shirt. "Southern Tails" newsletters
  • God-Level Sponsor ($160 pre-register/$180 at the door): God-Level sponsor mark on badge, convention T-shirt, dinner with the Guest of Honor, access to God-Level-only con suite, "Southern Tails" newsletters

Further Confusion 2010[edit]

  • Sponsor ($100): convention T-shirt, listing in the program book, lapel pin, "other benefits"
  • Patron ($200): convention T-shirt, listing in the program book and on Anthropomorphic Arts and Education website, lapel pin, lunch with the Guests of Honor, "other benefits"

Mephit Furmeet 2010[edit]

  • Sponsor ($60): special-edition print, "special gift"
  • Supersponsor ($100): framed special-edition print, "special gift", cocktail party with the Guest of Honor, supersponsor shirt

In 2006, Mephit Furmeet offered a Decade Level sponsorship ($400), which included a personalized letterman jacket

Midwest FurFest 2010[edit]

  • Sponsor ($120): convention T-shirt, sponsor ribbon, preferred seating, limited-edition cloisonne' pin and prints by guests of honor, priority seating at major events, brunch with guests of honor, "special gift"
  • Shiny sponsor ($250): Sponsor features plus additional Shiny gift and catered reception with guests of honor

Megaplex 2010[edit]

  • Sponsor ($80): B&W artist portfolio, access to the snack lounge
  • Super Sponsor ($140): color art portfolio, priority forward seating at special events, access to the snack lounge, lunch with the Guest of Honor (with $40 guest option)
  • MegaSponsor ($500): color art portfolio, reserved seating at special events, access to the Sponsor Lounge, lunch with the Guest of Honor (with $40 guest option for two guests)

Oklacon 2010[edit]

  • Sponsor ($100): Convention sweatshirt, special parking priviledges, additional free-concession vouchers
  • SuperSponsor ($200): Sponsor features plus exclusive Guest of Honor Lunch, SuperSponsor Soirée, limited-edition monogrammed special convention apparel, and limited-edition special gift[1]

RainFurrest 2010[edit]

  • Sponsor ($70): convention T-shirt, preferred seating at events, and early entry to art show and dealers den
  • Patron ($140): Sponsor features plus patron lounge, free ice-cream social and guest of honor dinner tickets, and "anything else we come up with that's cool"

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