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Connor J. Coyote (born in 1974 in Connecticut, USA), is a gay male furry writer and photographer who lives since 1992 in San Francisco, California, USA.[1]


Connor is a professionally trained Social Worker and holds three college degrees; He loves writing, photography, traveling, boardgames, and exploring new cultures.

He is also an amateur video filmmaker, with his own channel on YouTube.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Connor J. Coyote joined the furry fandom in November 2013. He enjoys going to local furmeets on occasion, furry writing, collecting artwork, and volunteering his free time to social work related activities.


Connor J. Coyote's fursona is a toony-looking, dark colored coyote with black and white fur that stands 5' 9" inches (1.75 meters) tall with blue eyes.[2] He often wears his favorite clothing of a dark blue hoodie, black cargo pants, and grey sneakers.

Connor has an easygoing personality with a slightly mischievous side that seeks out fun and excitement, and he is always open to new ideas, new experiences, and divergent viewpoints.


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