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Connor Goodwolf, formerly known as Insane Kangaroo (née David Leroy Ross Jr., born in California, USA), is a furry fan and fursuiter who practices a life of a nomad based on personal enjoyment around the United States, mostly centered Columbus, Ohio, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and San Francisco, California.


Connor Goodwolf was born in California, where he lived for several years, enjoying fishing for catfish and visiting ocean beaches, until his move with his family to east Tennessee around 1993. In Tennessee he enjoyed the colorful people[clarify] of the Great Smoky Mountains, helping out with his communities, and being involved in after-school programs. In June of 2005, he moved to Alaska, where he worked as a Information technology specialist in Homer, Alaska.

After being laid off in March 2010, he moved to Pennsylvania in July 2010 for his next job, driving approximately 4300 miles along the Alaska Highway, then through Canada and the US border until reaching his destination.

Open carry[edit]

He is an advocate of the right of Open carry; exercising what he believes to be his constitutionally protected right to visibly bear firearms. In the past, he had encounters with the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police regarding the practice of open carry. Working with the Pittsburgh Citizen Police Review Board, a memo was distributed to all Pittsburgh Police precincts on Open Carry[1]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Goodwolf involvement in the furry fandom varies from area to area. He is a maintainer of the Fursuit Livejournal community where he helps with the everyday duties and management when the need arises. When possible he also hosts fursuit bowling events in the greater Pittsburgh area when there's enough time to host and organize the events.

He runs and attends local furmeets, encouraging socialization and fostering community involvement.

K9 Sentry[edit]

Goodwolf maintains the K9 Sentry webpage and Facebook and Twitter accounts.

K9 Sentry scours mainly the furry community's main sites and social media services[2] for signs of malfeasance regarding those furries[3] involved in criminal activities of sexual (sex child abuse, zoophilia, bestiality, etc) or violent type (cruelty to animals et al).

The site maintains several help services and directories[4] to keep track of the convicted furs in the fandom and keeps abreast of past and present cases by posting the latest on the K9 Sentry site, its social media accounts, and on the furry wiki, Wikifur.

Furmeet organizer[edit]

After spending time in Ohio, the decision to set up a group and organization due to the interest of others in the area resulted in the Columbus Furmeets and Furries group.

Current meets, ordered chronologically:

  • Select Furry meets organized in Ohio - 2017, present
  • Outdoor, geocaching, bicycling meets in Ohio - 2013, present
  • Bowling in Columbus, Ohio - 2014 - 2017
  • Pokemon Go meets in Columbus, Ohio - 2016, present

Past events, ordered chronologically:

Group organizer[edit]

He organizes and runs various groups of common interest:


Convention and event attendances[edit]

(*) Membership revoked


Anthrocon 2010[edit]

AC ban notice to David Ross

On January 22, 2010, membership from from Anthrocon was revoked by staff due to his preferred method of carry.[1]

In a brief letter, Anthrocon chairman and CEO Dr. Samuel Conway suggested that if "the area was so dangerous as to require a firearm", it would be best not to come:

Connor Goodwolf
You have repeatedly insisted that the area in which Anthrocon's convention takes place is sufficiently dangerous that it is necessary to carry a firearm for protection. If that is indeed the case, then we feel it is wisest you not attend so that you need not be exposed to unnecessary danger.[5]
Connor Goodwolf

The response from Connor Goodwolf was as follows:

Connor Goodwolf
I was banned because I'm an open carrier. Kage even mentions the fact in his email stating it's not I chose to arm myself, but because the way I carry. I WAS NOT IN VIOLATION OF ANTHROCON RULES.[6]
Connor Goodwolf


On January 27, 2011, Connor Goodwolf launched Do Not Hug ("The unofficial don't hug me bro murrsuit database"), a publicly viewable listing of fursuiters who engaged in sexual activities while in costume. He defended the creation of the site, and intended purpose, by stating that:

Connor Goodwolf
[...] the general populous does not want to hug a cum-encrusted fursuit for many reasons, including the suit being a health risk.[7]
Connor Goodwolf

There were expressed concerns that the site could be used maliciously to violate privacy and ruin reputations.[8][9]

In addition to gathering established linked information from sites like Fur Affinity and XTube, he solicited users to submit additional names, information, photos, and videos directly to the site. Any submissions had to include evidence of sexual activity in the form of photographs and/or videos proof before being added to the database.

Posting to the site was done anonymously (no e-mail address or other identifying information was required) and without the needed expressed consent from the fursuiter. On the day the site was launched, explicit photos of fursuit users[clarify] were included in the listing, but were removed the next day.

The site went offline between March and September of 2011.[10]


After several DMCA takedown requests were sent to Fur Affinity administration concerning artists creating fan art of the mascot,[citation needed] Connor Goodwolf decided to look closer at to see if there were any copyright infringements or other unlawful works on the site.

He emailed's service provider after coming across works claiming were in violation of US code 18 USC § 1466A ("Obscene visual representations of the sexual abuse of children"). After receiving a copy of the email sent to their provider, Arcturus posted a topic to the forums with concerns of the future of[11].

Arcturus closed, leaving a message on the home page stating that "the doors are closed".[citation needed] Shortly afterward ownership of the site was transferred to Varka and relaunched under new management.

Cub art[edit]

Connor Goodwolf has expressed people to contact United States' Senators in regards to making explicit cub-related furry art illegal.[12]

Inkbunny and SoFurry[edit]

In November 2010, Fur Affinity lost its payment processor, AlertPay, after they informed FA that cub pornography was against the site's terms of service.[13]

He theorized that a member of SoFurry or Inkbunny might have been responsible for the change, and proceeded to report them in turn to AlertPay:

Connor Goodwolf
I reported SoFurry and Inkbunny to AlertPay to make sure all sites which hit in case one of the people who ran the sites were the ones who started the initial complaint about FurAffinity. If one is going to get hit out of some troll, then all of the sites will burn. So the person who started the original complaint will not be smiling anymore.[14]
Connor Goodwolf

AlertPay had already informed the two sites that they were terminating their services prior to FA's public announcement. Nevertheless, his actions were roundly criticized and was subsequently banned[15] from furrydrama_2:

Connor Goodwolf
Just because someone reported AlertPay does NOT give you the right to go all Internet vigilante on behalf of FA. They can handle their own shit. What you've done is quite possibly the lowest, shittiest, underhanded, vindictively stupid thing I've seen anyone do to another web site.[16]
Connor Goodwolf


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