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Conifur Northwest 2006 was expected to be held during September or October in Washington state, but was cancelled. In July 2006, the website went offline. In February 2007, the organizers donated their remaining supplies to All Fur Fun (a new convention planned for that year in Spokane) and stated[citation needed] that Conifur had been cancelled for good.

Cancellation notice[edit]

The cancellation notice posted at

Conifur Northwest 2006
May 13th, 2006

Since 1998, Conifur has been presenting the Pacific Northwest with an event for fans to gather and meet each other, purchase products from dealers and vendors, buy and sell artwork, and show off their creations to others. A place to go where you could find others with similar interests and meet new friends.

We regret to announce that due several factors, we are unable to put on a convention for 2006. The hotel we were at last year has since been torn down, and another hotel we had been considering has also recently fallen to the wrecking ball. Management changes in several hotels has left the Seattle area very unstable for conventions of all types and sizes. We have been in contact with a couple of hotels that we had thought would be able to host Conifur 2006, but for one reason or another all of our plans have fallen through. Remodeling, ownership changes, and the physical removal of hotels has not left us with enough time to find a hotel that has the necessary requirements to put on a quality event for our attendees.

We hope to be able to return for 2007 with a new venue and will update accordingly. If you have prepaid for dealer tables or memberships for 2006, please contact me directly at:

Thank you for your support these many years and we hope to see you in 2007.

- Dan Canaan / Flinthoof - Conifur Northwest Director

Conifur Northwest 2006

Other events[edit]

FurFest Northwest, a "replacement" convention for August 2006 in Idaho, was also cancelled.

Howloween, a furry Halloween event across the border in British Columbia that saw a rise in pre-registration as a result of the cancellation.[citation needed]All Fur Fun, a new convention in 2007 in Spokane, Washington.

RainFurrest, a new convention August 2007 in SeaTac, Washington.