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ConFurence East (edit)
Furtasticon (1994)
ConFurence East 1995
ConFurence East 1996
MoreFurCon (1997)

ConFurence East staff
ConFurence East guests of honor

ConFurence East (aka. CF East or CFE) was one of the first major attempts to create a full-fledged furry convention on the East Coast. It was chaired by Trish Ny, who had previously organized a prototype furry convention in Philadelphia in 1994 known as Furtasticon.

CF East over the years[edit]

ConFurence East 1995[edit]

The first ConFurence East was held in October 1995 at the Holiday Inn Jetport in Elizabeth, New Jersey near the Newark International Airport. The guests of honor included Vicky Wyman and S. Andrew Swann. Attendance figures varied from 449 (according to the Yarf! Chronology of Furry Fandom by Fred Patten) to 950 (according to the Anthro Fandom Convention Infosheet by Flint Otterhall).

ConFurence East 1996[edit]

The convention then moved to Cleveland, Ohio in November 1996, where it was held at the Holiday Inn Independence. The guests of honor included Susan Van Camp, Paul Kidd, and Andrew Bates of White Wolf Game Studios. Attendance estimates again ranged widely from 500 (according to Yarf!) to 1,100 (according to the Anthro Fandom Convention Infosheet).

MoreFurCon and cancellation[edit]

The convention intended to run again in Cleveland in 1997, officially changing its name to MoreFurCon shortly after the conclusion of the 1996 convention, but those plans fell through. Some furs refer to all 3 running years of the convention (including Furtasticon) as "MoreFurCon" to avoid confusion with ConFurence.


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