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ConFurence Zero was the first specialist furry convention, a dry run for the subsequent ConFurence series. It was held on January 21-22 of 1989 at the Holiday Inn Bristol Plaza in Costa Mesa, California. The attendance was 65 people, although 90 had signed up. Even the original estimate of roughly a hundred attendees had been slim enough that the first hotel approached (the Red Lion Inn across the street from the eventual venue) had eventually declined to host the nascent convention.

The proto-convention had a small dealers' room and two programming rooms for events including "A Furry Starter Kit", "Furry Costuming", "Story Workshop", and a screening of Animalympics. Two-day membership cost $10 in advance.

The souvenir programme book featured cover art by Steve Martin, with interior art by Brian O'Connell, Ken Sample, Phil Morrisey, Monika Livingstone, Noah Miller and others. As for the art auction, over $1,100 was raised, and one Susan Van Camp painting went for $450.

The ConFurence Filk Contest was won by Tanith Teer's "Eyes of the Wolf".[1]


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