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Condition (edit)
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Condition: Red (2011)
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Condition vs The Monsters (2014)

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Condition: Red is a convention that was held July 22-24, 2011 at the Four Points by Sheraton in London, Ontario, Canada. Total attendance was 251, with 47 participants in the fursuit parade. Opinions of the convention and of the newly minted anime track were positive. The convention theme was "The People's Furry Con", a reference to Soviet Russia.

Guests of Honour[edit]

The guests of honour were fursuit builder Sophie Cabra; and artist couple Strype and Cooper Perian.


The convention charity was once again Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Centre Inc., for whom the convention raised a grand total of $10,586 CAD (~US$10,685). Of this amount, $3,500 was donated during the convention's ladder auction. Several other items fetched high prices, including Thadius Effingham's novel, which went for $2,000 during its own impromptu ladder auction.

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