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Status Discontinued
Organizer(s) FurryMX
Charity N/A
Subject Furmeet, Convention

ConFurtiva, was a furry convention in Mexico City.

First attempt to make a furry convention in Mexico[edit]

Confurtiva (or ConFurMex) is known for being the first antecedent of holding a furry convention in Mexico. It was held on 22-23 November 2008, in the city of Xochitepec, Cuernavaca, Mexico, approximately 50 miles south of Mexico City.

ConFurtiva, much like ConFuzzled in the UK, was a limited admission convention with a maximum occupancy of 70 attendees; a group photo shows 26 attendees, remaining in the category of a furmeet, It was organized by ConFurMex.

Registration was conducted via email or fax, with payment made in Mexican Pesos. There were three "packages" available for the event.

  • Package A: for registration before August 8, 2008 − MX$720 (US$72 approx)
  • Package B: for registration before November 10, 2008 − MX$800 (US$80 approx)
  • Package C: for sponsors − MX$910 (US$91 approx)

The goal of Confurtiva was to be an annual convention in Mexico that gathers all those who have the pride of recognizing themselves as "furry", but this did not happen.


According to Cryn, the name of the convention, "Convicción Furtiva" was chosen by ConFurMex because "we stand close to the belief that it requires conviction to stand up and be what you decided to be. In this case, conviction to associate yourself to the term 'furry'." The naming is also a case of Spanish wordplay, with the significant reduction in immediate meaning when the name is roughly translated to English.[1]

Confurtiva was run by the ConfurMex staff who also are part of the FurryMX released community: Anipet & AoiKuma in Programming; LomstatWolf, MaxiFox, Keddy+, & Ryoku in organization, Night Music and Workshops; and SevenIHL on art.

Confurtiva team next activities[edit]

Since the event could not be held on 2009, the FurryMX team started releasing a Halloween Party from that date and until 2013 on the Centro Cultural de la Diversidad.

Confurtiva 2019[edit]

Confurtiva 2019 official group photo

On January 27, the return of Confurtiva was announced. On March 3, it was announced pre-registration was going to open and the convention was to be held at the Ritz hotel in the historic downtown of Mexico City.

The convention was held on August 3 and 4 with nearly 150 attendees, and had a Dealers' den and Artists Alley. There was no activities or collection destined for charity.

Confurtiva 2020[edit]

The previous edition had an acceptable success, initially the staff was announced that the new venue for the convention would be the hotel Geneve but due the Covid 19 pandemic, this edition of the convention was held online on September 19 and 20 with "comics and superheroes" theme.

The virtual convention featured on various Mexican artists as guests of honor and panels with varied themes. There is no information on whether there was any event or collection of money destined for charity.

2021 and 2022[edit]

Throughout all the year 2021, the organizing team only updated its pages with that year hinting that the convention will again take place but the event never happened, not even online, internally it is known that the pandemic affected the finances of the little convention strongly.

On February 5, 2022, Confurtiva's Facebook was updated alluding to a new attempt to carry out the convention[2], however there was no more information throughout months. On July 30 Confurtiva's Facebook was updated with message saying "#ConFurtiva ¿Y así la recordaremos? Pongan nuestra veladora en #Confuror" (translates to "#ConFurtiva And that's how we will remember her? Put our candlelight on #Confuror") (but without additional information) which some have interpreted as announcing the cancellation of the convention.[3].


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