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ConFurence East (edit)
Furtasticon (1994)
ConFurence East 1995
ConFurence East 1996
MoreFurCon (1997)

ConFurence East staff
ConFurence East guests of honor
The cover of the ConFurence East 1996 conbook.

ConFurence East 1996 was second run of the ConFurence East series that was held November 15-17 at the Holiday Inn Independence in Independence, Ohio near Cleveland. It was again chaired by Trish Ny.

Art show sales increased over the previous year to $12,400 from 596 pieces of art. Attendance estimates again ranged widely from 500 (according to the Yarf! Chronology of Furry Fandom by Fred Patten) to 1,100 (according to the Anthro Fandom Convention Infosheet by Flint Otterhall).

$3,000 was raised for the convention's charity, Wolf Park.[1]

Guests of honor[edit]



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