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ConFurence East (edit)
Furtasticon (1994)
ConFurence East 1995
ConFurence East 1996
MoreFurCon (1997)

ConFurence East staff
ConFurence East guests of honor

ConFurence East 1995 was first run of the ConFurence East series that was held October 13-15 at the Holiday Inn Jetport in Elizabeth, New Jersey near the Newark International Airport.[1] It had evolved from Furtasticon, which had been organized in 1994 by Trish Ny, the con chair.

The official charity was the Wolf Park nature study preserve at Battle Ground, Indiana, for which "almost $1,000" was raised.[2] 795 pieces of art at the art show totaled nearly $11,000 in sales.[1] 449 people attended.[3]

Guests of honor[edit]

The guests of honor at ConFurence East 1995 were Vicky Wyman, S. Andrew Swann, and E.L.V.I.S. Convention Services.[1]


The cover of the ConFurence East 1995 conbook.

The "program book wasn’t about the con per se, but rather a who’s-who of furry artists/creators at the time".[4]


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