Common and Precious

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Common and Precious

Common and Precious is an anthropomorphic novel by Tim Susman, set in the New Tibet universe. The cover art was done by Heather Bruton, and the interior illustrations were done by Sara Palmer. It was released at Further Confusion 2007.

The synopsis of the novel reads:

Common and Precious
Born to a life of privilege on the poverty-ridden ice planet of New Tibet, Melinda lives high above the masses, until a brutal attack on her family thrusts her into the lives of a ragged, desperate band of outlaws. In her struggles to escape them and avoid the sinister Shivers, a crime syndicate bent on tracking her down, she will learn how the people of New Tibet really live -- and how they die.

Return to the cold, dreary world first described in the short story anthologies Breaking the Ice and Shadows in Snow. In this first full-length novel set in the world, creator and author Tim Susman delves deeper into the socio-economic conditions that make New Tibet the deeply textured world it is.

Common and Precious

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