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"Leatherbound Doe", a commission piece by artist Dustmeat for Bob Guthrie

A commission, full art commission or just comm, is a request by an art patron (furry or otherwise) who hires and pays (with money, exchange or barter), for the creation of a furry piece of art (a commission), from an artist, writer, musician, fursuit maker, or creator of any other type of work, for himself or on behalf of another person/group.

Art restrictions[edit]

Not all artists accept commissions, and those that do typically have restrictions on what kinds of artwork they may draw, limited by subject matter/activities depicted, media used, or time constraint.


The art commissioned (i.e. conbadges, user icons, portraits of their characters, etc), can be done via traditional art materials (via pencil, paint, pen, etc), figural (maquettes, statues, figurines etc), fursuit related commissions (from appendages to full body costumes), or Computer Generated (same as traditional, trading for pixel/vector media).

Less commonly, a writer may take story commissions, or a musician may take commissions to compose a song and/or produce a recording of it.


The range of commission media available is as little or vast as the price for them. Prices for commissions vary widely by artist and complexity of the work sought. The payment can be direct, or via a bid.

Electronic commissioning[edit]

Some art can be commissioned electronically, no matter the medium. Websites exist where you can bid on already completed works, such as eBay, completed art and available commissions (FurBid-SF, FurBuy), furry art galleries with commission options (Weasyl, Fur Affinity), or dedicated art commission only sites (FurArtist).

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