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Comics Buyer's Guide (CBG) is a periodical reporting on the comic book industry. At least two issues of CBG have focused on furry comics. One was issue #1260, 1998 January 9. Another was issue #1379, 2000 April 21.

Furry content in #1260[edit]

  • One of the cover stories is Anthropomorphics Abound from Acclaim to Vision with Hepcats art by Martin Wagner.
  • ¼-page of This week in CBG on page 4. With line-art of a furry word-balloon.
  • 1/3-page editorial What do you call these comics? by Maggie Thompson on page 4. Maggie wrote that she collected "funny-animal comics before the term was invented" and mentions various things including Animal Comics (where Pogo first appeared), anthros acting out nursery rhymes in Raggedy Ann + Andy, Animal Farm, "bigfoot characters", animation and Spiegelman's Maus.
  • a ½-page article Con offers diversion for Furry fans by Michael Dean about ConFurence, on page 8. With 3 photos:
    • Don Messick and two fursuiters (someone in a Bugs Bunny suit and someone else in a Scooby-Doo suit?)
    • a furry in leopard-pattern (spandex?) suit
    • 2 fursuiters (getting married?)
  • ½-page Critter Comics News on page 10. News about Gold Digger, Omaha The Cat Dancer, Felix the Cat, Usagi Yojimbo, Furrlough and Walt Disney's Comics #625. With 3 images: cover of Collected Omaha vol 6, Felix art and art of Donald Duck.
  • 1-page ad for Mark J. Cohen's cartoonist agency on page 13. Ad has 9 images, including 3 anthro images:
    • Peanuts art of Snoopy and 4 Beagle Scouts.
    • art of Pogo
    • art of anthro fox that was probably drawn by M. K. Brown
  • ½-page ad for Claus with art of a Yeti chasing an Orc, on page 18. Ad has Draco logo (presumably Draco is the publisher).
  • ½-page "Miep And Patches[:] Comic Book Defenders" comic strip on page 20. Includes talking dinosaurs and a talking lizard-humanoid. Last panel says "Continued...", so presumably the story was continued.
  • 2-page article 'Hepcats' starts life #3 at Antarctic Press by Gary St. Lawrence about Hepcats, on pages 24 and 26. With 5 pieces of art (and a furry word-balloon).
  • 1-page article 'Albedo': The grandmother of furry animal comics turns 20 by Gary St. Lawrence mostly about Albedo Anthropomorphics on page 28. With 3 pieces of art (and a furry word-balloon).
  • 2-page article Radio Comix tunes into anthropomorphics by Gary St. Lawrence about Radio Comix, on pages 30 and 31. With ten pieces of color art (and a furry word-balloon).
  • 1-page of the critter SHELF, "An occasional guide to all things furry!" with:
    • info on inaction figure of H.A.E.D.U.S. goat (goat character in Quantum & Woody comic book)
    • info on Edition 313 which offers products for fans of Carl Barks
    • info on Happy Birthday, Carl Barks! videotapes and
    • the toy box, with blurbs for various products.

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