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Colson Grainger, also known as Rudderbutt, (born May 23, 1982)[1] is a fursuiter who lives in San Jose, California, USA.[1] His fursona is a goateed otterroo (otter/kangaroo hybrid).[2]

Colson was a Guest of Honor at Feral! 2010, ConFuzzled 2012,[3] is a special musical guest for Midwest FurFest 2011,[4] and featured artist for Further Confusion 2012.[5]

Colson and Darky collaborated in making a synthpop EP titled Odyssey which was the debut album for music group Pacific//Hotline.[6][7] Darkgem did the cover art[8] and the EP was released on 2014 December 31.[6]

Colson's current ongoing work is Sweet Leaves, a webcomic about the adventures of the Graingers, composed of Colson himself (now a tanuki), his husband Sebastien (a North-American badger) and Toby, Colson's 6 year old son from a previous heterosexual marriage.


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