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Codywife1 (born August 8, 2001),[citation needed] also known as Cody, is a furry artist and writer who lives in New Zealand.[1]


Codywife1's fursona has two personalities. The main personalities is named Codycat, and the second personality is Code. Code is a souleater who tricks people by pretending to Codycat, and trying to eat them. Codycat, on the other hand, does not want to do this and gets scared a lot.

Whenever she changes into him, she will smile awkwardly and then time will suddenly stop which makes Code take control and Codycat will be watching in her mind while he does so.

Another fact about the two is that they have more personalities, but whenever Codycat/Code mentions it they just say 'the other nerds' (Codycat saying) or 'the other idiots' (Code saying). There have also been a few main personalities such as Ydoc (the most evil one), another one is Codii and Kaycool is unknown if she is one of the personalities of not (All mentioned are in the comic "Code's Risen/The longest day of the year") They don't get along very well either, but have to do deals a lot (example: eat souls or not eat souls). Codycat prefers Codii more than Code (Even if Code is more smarter and prettier than Codii in his opinion) because Codii looks like Codycat, but a way more friendlier and positive version.

Code has also been saying that he is allergic to fish, which is ironic because he is part fish --which technically makes him allergic to himself.

Code, the trick personality.

Code's backstory[edit]

When Codycat first changed into Code when she was 5 months old, without realizing of course since she was very young. He was still her age and got into trouble a lot like breaking things, being mean etc --which meant she would get the blame since he would change back as soon as someone noticed. When they were 1 years old, the personalities started to notice each other more often but Codycat didn't trust Code at all. He would usually say that he was going to be the boss to everyone, but no one believed him.


Codywife1 has a large number of characters, and uses some of them in her stories. She is a voreraphile, but only writes soft vore.

One of her stories is "Avoid the Slicing Tongue",[2] which features the first appearance of Code and Kahil.[who?]

Catsoulion (Souleater type)[edit]

Catsoulions are a type of souleater creature that are basically descended from the souleaters but take the forms of types of cats or housecats. They can either take or eat souls, but at least 12% in the population won't even touch souls at all. As Catsoulions get judged by their appearance, some of them will immediately take their enemies souls away when angered or just ignore them. But the others who won't touch souls will have to live off chewing on crystal shards for food source instead, and the liquid they drink can be water or juice from types of fruits.

The juices:

  • Orange juice
  • Lemon juice (lemonade can help as well)
  • Apple juice
  • Grape juice
  • Tomato juice
  • Kiwifruit juice
  • All the berries
  • And Dragonsparks. (All of them mixed together with rock candy or cream in it)

There are some fruits still being discovered, but it has been 1 year and 2 months since the most recent discovery.


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