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Codewolf (born 1986) is a Grey and White anthropomorphic wolf who lives in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

As of September, 2006, Codewolf has been studying towards an BSc Hons in Digital Technology at the University of Hertfordshire and works part time as a doorman.


Codewolf occasionally is a patron of the tri-weekly LondonFurs meets.


From 2008 until its suspension in 2010, Codewolf was the Head of Security for RBW, a furry convention held in London in Autumn/Winter each year. He was also the Head of Security for Confuzzled until 2013, when he relinquished the role to Dhary Montecore, becoming the Team Leader for Crowd Control.

As of the end of 2016 Codewolf once again took control of the security team of Confuzzled following on from the leadership of Crimson Nova for the 2015 Convention Year.

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