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Code Name: Hunter
Author(s) Darcy "Darc" Sowers and Matt Sowers
Update schedule Inactive
Launch date August 23, 2003
End Date 2017
Genre Fantasy, urban fantasy
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Code Name: Hunter, also known as Hunter or CN:H, is a webcomic by artist Darcy "Darc" Sowers and writer Matt Sowers that follows the adventures of Max (Hunter) McConnor, a gray mouse employed by The Royal Center of Special Investigations (RCSI), a branch of the British government.

RCSI's purpose is to investigate odd occurrences such as disappearances, diplomatic missions, ritualistic murders, vampires, werewolves, and rampaging fey.

Code Name: Hunter started in 2001 as a series of illustrations; it was reborn in webcomic form in August 2003. Financial supporters get twice the number of updates per week in addition to coloring pages and bonus material.

Series overview[edit]

Imagine a world much like our own, where the day to day is just that. Now, what would happen if one day that stopped and all the myths and stories returned to the light of day? That was London sixty years ago when, during one of the darkest nights of World War II, a certain stained glass seal broke and the old magic returned to a city that had known nothing but reason and logic for almost a millennium.

In the midst of war, this new crisis was noticed and a stopgap put into place. Sixty years later this stopgap, a small agency buried deep in Britain's bureaucracy, is still holding. Knowing there is no way of stopping the magic, they try to keep the old ways and older creatures from gaining ground too quickly and a populace, just starting to regain their abilities with magic, from destroying themselves.

Sound fantastic? Well, it is. Code Name: Hunter is a fantasy comic. Urban fantasy. However, it's also a comic about relationships, people and day to day life where things are just a little bit surreal. The comic's focus is not just on the weirdness cropping up, but on the lives, work and play of two people employed by an agency whose task just happens to be keeping a handle on the things that go bump in the night.

Welcome to RCSI.


Code Name: Hunter began in 2001, as a series of illustrated stories. On the insistence of Gyrfalcon, Hunter made the move to a comic format in August 2003. The first version of the comic was done in a sketchy, quick style using a pencil. Two cases and a short prologue were finished before the comic was put on hiatus. In January 2005 the series restarted with an extended version of the prologue. The restarted comic was originally done in color pencil but, due to wrist problems and time constraints, the comic switched to markers and then to computer tones.

Each case in the main storyline is divided into single issues with each issue equaling around twenty-four pages. Short interludes show up between the main cases and help to flesh out the characters and their backgrounds.

Issue summaries[edit]

Cover from Code Name: Hunter issue 1-3
Code Name: Hunter #5 cover

Issue 0.1 : Seal[edit]

Seeking to strengthen his hold on Britain after he's taken the throne, William the Conqueror has ordered magic be sealed away. Hundreds of years later, the seal is broken during the Blitz.

Issue 0.2 : Agents[edit]

We continue the adventure of Jacob Roderick, the MI5 agent assigned to investigate the strange, mystical occurrences in London. We find that he's not alone in his search, having acquired a rather interesting traveling companion.

Issue 0.3 : RCSI[edit]

Having proved his sanity to his superiors, Roderick is now facing a different problem... the agency budget crunch. Can he face a royal sponsor, an evil specter and still keep his job?

Intermission : Tales From RCSI[edit]

Two short stories... "The Streak" - Ruby engages in some extracurricular activity. "First Encounter" - A young Max has a run in with a fey and gains a new job.

Issue 1 : Going Abroad[edit]

Max and Ruby are not the best at diplomatic relations. But, when a deal with the neighboring nation of Astoria seems to be souring, a little muscle is needed. Can the two agents survive the journey?

Issue 2 : Hidden Agendas[edit]

The guardians have arrived, but their welcome is less than warm. Lord Cedric's dislike of Britain is well known in the Astorian court. But, is it strong enough to make him attempt murder?

Issue 3 : Missing Agents[edit]

As the ball approaches, tensions between RCSI and Astoria increase. As do Max's troubles. Before Max can handle the ball, he must first deal with a ransom demand. But, is the agent in question really worth getting back?

Ruby voices her opinion of Gadel.

Issue 4 : Red Tape[edit]

Politics are never easy, as Max and Ruby are about to find out. A dark secret in the agency's past leads the couple to wonder just how far RCSI will go to get what it wants. Meanwhile, someone else is making deadly plans of their own.

Issue 5 : Accidentally on Purpose[edit]

With the ball over, Max and Ruby are left wondering if the events of last night were an accident or planned. Unfortunately, that's the least of their troubles. Lord Cedric's secret is out, and he's looking for retaliation.

Issue 6 : A Political Spell[edit]

It's the last day of their stay in Astoria, and Max and Ruby are anxious to return home. All that remains is to pick up Gadel and head for the shore. Simple, right? Not if the Dark Mage has anything to say about it.

Intermission : Mail Bag![edit]

The cast of Hunter answer a few questions from the readers.

Issue 7 : Catching Up is Hard to Do[edit]

Coming back home after Astoria is a relief. Mostly.

Gadel finds her teaching space inadequate, Ruby is pressed into a bridesmaid's dress, and Max is handed a ticket to Scotland. It's just an average day in RCSI.

Intermission: Scrying[edit]

Gadel contacts home and it seems there's something more behind the real intention of the visit.

Volume II[edit]

Issue 8 : Homecoming[edit]

You can never go home again. At Eric's insistence, Max visits his parents for the first time since joining RCSI. Come meet the McConnors.

Issue 9 : Family Matters[edit]

While Max is up in Scotland, Ruby gives her mother a call, learning a bit more about her father and RCSI in the process.


Main cast[edit]

The Commander explains to an annoyed Max his reason for sending them to Astoria.
Commander Kenneth Boothroyd
The current head of RCSI. Formerly a field agent, this gruff old man is concerned for the welfare of the agency and his agents.
Gadel al'Gera (Priss)
A young Astorian noble sent to Britain at RCSI's request for a mage. While friendly to those her rank and up, she has a tendency to be a little aloof around others. She loves credit cards.
Jacob Roderick (Spooky)
The (possibly deceased) first agent of RCSI as well as the first commander. He is rumored to have had more than a passing interest in Princess Moraine.
Lord Cedric al'Kellis al'Gera
The head of the Astorian Mage Academy, he is strongly against the treaty with Britain for political as well as personal reasons. He is related to the Astorian Queen by marriage.
Lord James Gerrig
The British ambassador to Astoria, he was previously the ambassador to Brumborg. Despite being an ambassador for a number of years he still gets frazzled in certain situations. Is directly linked to RCSI.
Maximilian Wallace McConnor (Max or Hunter)
An agent of RCSI. A short, quiet fellow who's more dangerous than he looks. He has a strong hero complex and is skilled with swords.
A fox-fey who, after being thrown through one of the gateways to the mortal world, ended up attaching herself to Roderick. Deceased.
Rubella Jane Pyrenees (Ruby or Gypsy)
An agent of RCSI. An opinionated woman with a love of firearms and a dislike of pushy men.
Wynnifred (Wynnie)
Gadel's friend. While a member of a noble house, Wynnie was born a peasant.

Secondary cast[edit]

Bradley Cooper (Brad)
A friend of Max's from college. A big fan of the ladies, Brad is never too sure what to make of Max's shyness around women.
Davis Wright (Predator)
An agent of RCSI who was trained by Ruby's father and in turn trained Max. A large, strong fellow whose personal vendetta led to his death.
The Fey Prince
Little is known about him except that he's a very high ranking member of the Winter Court and has a grudge against Max.
John Marcus (Twitter)
One of the first agents of RCSI and the first personal guardian to Queen Moraine. While a good agent he is an excitable, twitchy fellow.
Joshua Pyrenees (Lion)
Ruby's father. He was a member of RCSI, first as an archivist, then an agent. Was part of the second diplomatic mission to Astoria. Deceased.
The head of MI5 at the time RCSI was started. A no-nonsense fellow whose life became more complicated when a number of his agents started seeing what he called "fanciful imaginings". Deceased.
Michael Pyrenees (Warbird)
One of the first agents of RCSI. Was formerly RAF until he was grounded for destroying too many planes. An aggressive fighter he often rushes in, taking on more than he can handle. He led the first diplomatic mission to Brumborg. Ruby's grandfather.
Prince Matthew Mousira
Queen Moraine's grandson. Still young and a bit of a handful. Many in RCSI worry he may have the ability to use magic but it's still too early to tell.
Queen Moraine Mousira
The Queen of Britain and funder of RCSI. She takes a special interest in the agency and keeps getting involved in all its affairs.
Todd & Smiley
Always seen together, this duo are custodians and handymen in RCSI. While many think Todd is the brighter of the two, there are times when Smiley seems more aware of what's going on.

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