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Coby Wong and her fursuit

Coby Wong is a Brazilian furry, artist, fursuiter and fursuit maker. Her fursona is a blue and white street dog.

Coby lives in São Paulo, Brazil with her husband, the fursuiter Malbo Higashi. She discovered the furry fandom after searching for cosplays on the internet.

She is known locally because of her drawing comissions and fursuit making jobs.

Coby was one of the founders of the Furboliche bowling, event held in Brazil every 6 months.


Coby Wong Fursuits[edit]

Since August 2013, Coby is producing and comissioning fursuits.

# Fursuit Type Animal Year Owner First appearance
1 Monster Khaos full kangaroo 2013 Coby Wong Furboliche 3
2 Frankstein/Punky partial feline 2013 Nana Invasão Furry Final Lap
3 Coby 1.0 full dog 2013 Coby Wong Invasão Furry
4 Coby 2.0 full dog 2013 Coby Wong Invasão Furry FurGames
5 Sckhar Leviathan full fox 2013 Sckhar Leviathan Invasão Furry FurGames
6 Malbo full feline 2013 Malbo Higashi Invasão Furry Final Lap
7 Mihh full feline 2013 Coby Wong Invasão Furry Final Lap
8 Patsy Purrfect full cat 2014 Patsy Purrfect Abando 2014
9 Danny 2.0 head foxroo 2014 Danny Lauderdale Furboliche 2
10 Snniveh full snow leopard 2014 Coby Wong Furboliche 2
11 Psycho partial feline 2014 Malbo Higashi Furboliche 2
12 Osyeen full shark 2014 Coby Wong Furboliche 2
13 Koga full dragon 2015 Koga Furboliche 3
14 Ross full dragon 2015 Ross Furboliche Vacation Edition - Santos 2015
15 Alex full dragão 2015 Alex Furboliche 4
16 Mutt full 2015 Mutt
17 Ghost full 2015 Coby Wong Furboliche 4
18 Exano full dragon 2015 Exano Furboliche 4
19 Sally full fox-rabbit 2015 Danny Lauderdale Furboliche 4


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