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Coach Random
Author(s) Scott Ruhl
Update schedule completed
Launch date 2001
End Date 2004

Coach Random is a webcomic (now finished) by Scott Ruhl. It was originally published in the Cavalier Daily from August 29, 2001 through April 23, 2004, and was given its own website on the University of Virginia's server. The humor is based mostly on college situations.

After the author graduated, his website was removed. Some time later, Mr Initial Man was able to get in contact with Scott, and obtained permission to rebuild the website.


Bud: Sam's best friend and Johnny's older brother. Eternal smoker and gearhead.

Dad: Bud's and Johnny's father. Eternal drunkard who owns a smoking-hot Corvette.

Dorkboy: He is given no other name in the strip. He is a complete geek and an easy target for the others.

Glen: Sam's worst enemy. He is involved in PETA and tries to kiss up to professors when they give him bad marks.

Jeff: Jock, jerk, and womanizer. Jeff is Sam's roommate, much to Sam's dismay.

Johnny: Bud's little brother. An opportunist and sadist.

Nightlatch: The Frog Pimp. Your source of bootie when you need a five-dollar cutie. Used in a storyline and in special strips afterwards. He was a spoof of Kermit the Frog.

Sam: The protagonist of the strip. Good friend of bud, roommate of Jeff.

The website[edit]

The website is unusual because it uses XML instead of HTML, thanks to Mr. Initial Man using the site for website experimentation. As Furtopia is no longer offering webspace, this webcomic is currently on Zymic.

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