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Club Stripes

Author(s)  ?
  • Site Founder: ?
  • Lead Admins: Midori
Status ongoing
Launch date July 4th, 2005 - present
End date Ongoing
Genre Paid site
Web NC-17

Club Stripes was a subscription-based adult furry site, featuring full-color art, wallpapers and comics by multiple artists.


Club Stripes featured the works of Miu, Daria McGrain, Gideon Hoss, gNAW, and Midori (not the fursuit-builder) with occasional contributions by assorted guest artists. It updated three times per week, and contained male and female art in addition to herm art.

Sketchbook section[edit]

The SketchBook was formerly a smaller subscription-based area within Club Stripes for concept art and commentary by the artists participating on Club Stripes, but is currently defunct.


Club Stripes also sold prints, graphic novels, artist-produced portfolios, and art through their Hot Cider Press online shop. Marketing a variety of material, they also offered a "Best Of"-publication titled "The Best Of Club Stripes".

The Best Of Club Stripes[edit]

"The Best Of Club Stripes" is a printed anthology, each issue collecting chosen artwork from a single year.

Most of the included content consists of artwork and comics previously released on the Club Stripes website by regular and guest artists but it also includes some content exclusively done for the anthology.

Besides the artwork itself the book also includes comments on every piece by the original artist. The first two issues, featuring Club Stripe's first two years, had been released.

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