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Club Fur

Club Fur was a virtual nightclub in the Second Life universe. It was last owned and operated by Alynna Vixen, Cobalt Netura and Sylys Weezles.

Notable features[edit]

Club Fur was partially inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, who strove to make use of the landscape in which he was building. Towards that end, Club Fur was designed to show off the ocean which it sat above, with large, open glass floorplates. Under these floorplates were submerged large neon-colored primitives.

The Nude beach beside it features surfboards, towels, umbrellas, and an old "Surfin' Woodie" from Cobalt Motors, a virtual car dealership run by Cobalt Neutra.


Club Fur was the second oldest furry construction, and the oldest furry club, in Second Life. It was originally constructed in Batak, across the river from The Dawg House in Dusun, which was owned by Hobbes Abbatoir. It was built for, and originally owned by Jenner Horus, under the name Club Yiff. (the name was changed before construction was completed)

Original construction[edit]

Original construction of Club Fur
Fountain on the deck

The original construction was carried out by Cobalt Neutra, and Jarhyn Wilde. It was a fairly massive building that filled an entire corner of a sim. It was so large in fact, that people on one side of the room were beyond vocal range of people on the other side of the room. During this period, the club held regular shows by Jenner Horus, and on Friday Nights, streamed 2 Sense - 2, The Ranting Gryphon's show. There were plans made at this point for 2 to do his show live from Club Fur, but those never came to pass.

This original version of the club featured an addition of an open, marble deck with a fountain as an entrance, and on the opposite side, a large star and sky decorated shop, which featured a blue glass floor, through which the ocean was visible, and through which also protruded a small "island" of land with a palm tree growing in the middle.

This original version also featured a curving, spiral ramp which was to have led up to a "launch tower" which would spirit club-goers off to a series of private skyboxes. Although the tower was built, and a "way station" platform was erected in the sky above, the skyboxes never were. The platform and tower were later torn down, and replaced with a "halloween glade."

The Halloween glade would later be torn down, when Cobalt moved his house to that plot of land, and the flattened hillside became used as a "sandbox" area for the remainder of the time that Batak/Dusun were the furry hub.

Move to The Forest[edit]

Eventually Club Fur became too popular for a public sim. Dusun had always been laggy, and Batak was beginning to slow down, too. Other clubs were opening, people were moving in and the sim was becoming overcrowded. The only solution was to move to someplace new.

Jenner Horus, under the new name of Spade Richelieu, opened the first furry-owned and operated sim, The Forest, as a home for Club Fur. The entire building was lifted whole, from it's resting place in Batak, and carried to the new sim, where it lost it's marble deck and store, but gained a nude beach.

During this time, it was decided to cut some of the club away, and make the building smaller, since the "too large" design had proven to be a problem. This "cutting down" was handled by Cobalt Neutra, and Kensuke Leviathan. A series of open portals were also added to the roof, at the behest of Spade.

Club Fur remained at The Forest, and was "the furry club" for the better part of a year, and was run as an open venue, available to any DJ willing to run a show. A concealed Jukebox allowed DJs to set the stream to their own URL, and run a show at any time of the day or night.

It operated in this manner until Spade sold the forest to Anshe Chung, a land baron. When Spade left, he handed ownership of the club off to Cobalt.

Move to FurNation[edit]

The events which followed the transaction have become somewhat legendary. Power-plays, mind games, and the eventual destruction, and flattening of 99% of The Forest are firmly enshrined in history. Luckily, when it became obvious that the new operators of The Forest were hostile to the old building, (nay, hostile to everything the previous owners had put in place) and intended to destroy it, it was removed by Cobalt Neutra. ("I rescued it." he was quoted as saying. "Two minutes before they leveled the place.")

As luck would have it, just as The Forest was self-destructing, a new furry sim was opening, which was interested in having Club Fur move in. This was FurNation Prime, the first of the FurNation sims. It was felt that Club Fur would help cement the new FurNation sim as "furry central" since it was an established place in the local furry scene. The Forest was coming apart at the seams, and FurNation was ready to provide the scattered populace a new home.

Club Fur was located in the far southeastern portion of FurNation Prime. It remained open, although it no longer serves as an open venue for DJs, since FurNation streams a pre-set station. That station's DJs dis occasionally do shows in the club.

Move to Kitsuhana[edit]

Club Fur as it is today.

After the closure of Furnation Prime, the club was moved to Kitsuhana. For a short while it was in space and attached to a space station, but room was eventually made on the ground for it so that it could have its original ambience of a beach, and water under the club. The club was once again, also, an open venue for DJs to play.

Back to FurNation[edit]

Club Fur in 2014 in FurNation.

Club Fur appeared back into the FurNation sim after it's reopening. Located at [1]

Moved to Sunweaver Bay and then to Sunny Beach[edit]

Club Fur moved to Sunweaver Bay sometime in late 2014, then to it's last location in Sunny Beach at [2]. It was closed and taken down sometime in 2016.