Cloudchaser Sakonige

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Cloudchaser Sakonige
Cloudchaser Sakonige.jpg
Real name James B. Wales
Born March 24, 1973
Birth place United States
Date of death October 2, 2019[1]
Death place Sevierville, Tennessee, USA.[1]
Profession or hobby Fursuiter
Character species Red wolf

Cloudchaser Sakonige (born March 24, 1973 - died October 2, 2019), was a fursuiter.


Cloudchaser was a member of the Echota tribe, and identified himself as Cherokee-Jewish.


Cloudchaser passed away after a short illness on October 2, 2019.[2]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Cloudchaser built and maintained the Furry Dictionary, which is no longer maintained since Cloudchaser's death.


Cloudchaser's fursona was a red wolf.[3]


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