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Close Call is a furry who lives in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Close Call's fursona has gone through five different species over time; wolf, cat, tiger, fox, and now skunk. He is a black, white, and blue male skunk, who goes by the pseudonym, "C". C has black fur, blonde/white hair, and ice-blue eyes. A white stripe starts at his nose, splits at the back of his neck, and joins up again at the end of his tail. He also has blue paws and a blue underbelly.


Close Call always had an affinity for anthro-animals, and built up the courage to enter the fandom in January, 2010, when he joined FurryTeens. He went on hiatus throughout the summer, only to return in November when he switched over to F4L. He has stayed in the fandom since.

On F4L, Close Call met his first boyfriend, Klash Darkwave. The two were together until the very beginning of February, when the two were forced to split apart. From that point on, C rejoined FurryTeens and is now mated with Garson.

Both in real life and in the fandom, C is an aspiring writer. He typically posts his works up on his personal website, deviantART, Fur Affinity, and the art sections of FurryTeenn and TeenInk.

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