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Clint Walker, also known as Striker King Cheetah (SKC for short), is a hard rock/heavy metal musician and shred guitarist born in Centerville, Iowa on January 16, 1989, currently residing in Ottumwa, Iowa, U.S.A.


At the age of 15, Clint was diagnosed with PPD-NOS. He started to learn guitar in the Fall of 2006, first on acoustic then a couple months later electric. Through the entire year of '06, he would become engrossed in the furry fandom, abandon Christianity, and fall in love with Heavy Metal. In 2007, he graduated from Appanoose County High School, an alternative school in Centerville. He would go on to find a short lived job in Ottumwa as an unloader at a major retail store, though the social problems involved with undedicated PDD-NOS would cause him to loose this and his next job at a fast food restaurant. Not detoured, he would start to learn parkour in mid-2008 and beguine work on an ambitious, fully improvised, zero budget album called "Unknown", that would be released the next year.


Striker is known for his improvised shredding leads. Though he's not currently associated with a band, he has been attempting to put one together called Warcat. Attempts to put this band together haven't yet succeeded, and in the mean time he's been restricted to writing solo material using his own limited equipment and FL Studio.

Warcat is a power metal band currently being put together by Striker King Cheetah in Ottumwa, Iowa.



Released in 2009, it is an improvised album with an intentional "Basement Tape" feel to it. It is available on his website via CreateSpace, as well as for download on

  • Track List
    • Unknown
    • Electric Thunder
    • Evoking Desaster
    • Agony
    • The Final Fallen
    • Tears We Cry
    • Feeling Ill
    • The Lost & Forgotten



His primary fursona, Striker is an anthro king cheetah, and a direct reflection of Clint's own traits. Clint intentionally designed this character to be exactly like him, but more refined. i.e. he doesn't need glasses and he's slightly better at parkour and guitar.



Often a secondary fursona, Breeg is a large feral warcat. 7' tall from the shoulder to the ground, and a little over 1000 lbs (that's larger than a Clydesdale Horse). His saber teeth are about 11" long, and claws fully extended about 6", both razer sharp and stronger then steel. His fur is thick, dark grey (almost black) with jagged black broken stripes and a dorsal stripe running from the top of his head to the tip of the tail, beginning and ending with a pair of 'flames'.

Breeg is the mascot for the band Warcat, and has his own Facebook fan page [1].

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